The Rautavistics Corner


Looking for purpose?
Wrong place to go!

You have no clue what rautavistics is?
Doesn't matter!

You think rautavistics is a finnish composer?
You're getting closer!

Rautavistics is the science of rautavistic things.

Raoul Tawist,
self-proclaimed rautavistics "expert"

There are web designers, who consider quotations on web pages a good idea.

Arno Nymous

Forget the metaverse, go for the rautaverse.

Mark Saltvalley,
Founder and CRO, Rauta Inc.

The abbr. for abbr. is abbr.

A.B. Br.

Rautavistic Projects


Convert photos into QR codes.

No-one needs that, but it looks swell.


Thrilled by Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT?

My answer to that is FlatGPT. Guaranteed without AI.

Comment Viewer

Illuminate the dark side of the World Wide Web.

The d@rknet? No.

With the Comment Viewer you make the hidden HTML comments in the source codes of web pages visible. Who knows what you are going to find in this vastly unexplored steganographic world... .


Read faster. Save bandwidth.

Many letters in texts are redundant and therefore dispensable.

Check out how many and which letters can be omitted without making a text unreadable.

The Void

Here is nothing.

What I am currently "working" on...

An insight in my rautavistics laboratory, where the future is being made today...

... or maybe some other day. Unless it bores me to hell before I get started.