Projects on my list

Dream Recorder

Record dreams on video

God's DNA

Prove God's work with a DNA test


Dr. McCoy's Tricorder as a smartphone app

World's Alimentation

Food out of a 3D printer

CO2 Reduction

Reduce your emissions by CO2 neutral breathing techniques


Illumination of the d@rknet

Flying Carpet

Air mattress with helium filling

QR Code Movie

Play videos as animated QR codes


Smart speaker that responds to Morse code only

White Hole

Nuclear fusion in your garage


Make straw out of gold
Convert gold into straw


Heavy chinwagging for hermits

International Understanding

Sing a multi-lingual canon with simultaneous translators

Filth Filter

Smartphone app detects filthy speech and beeps over it

Amateur Band Aid

Undercover agent in the audience who coughes on false notes