Dirk Matussek

Born in 1963

Software author and amateur jazz musician, engineer and nerd in Frankfurt, Germany

Internet projects

AstroViewer Sky Map

AstroViewer Sky Mapastroviewer.net/av/en/

AstroViewer is an interactive sky map that helps you to find your way in the night sky quickly and easily.

AstroViewer ISS

AstroViewer ISSastroviewer.net/iss/en/

The position of the International Space Station ISS and its ground track in real time.

ISS sighting opportunities for any location.

AstroViewer Widgets

AstroViewer Widgetsastroviewer.net/widgets/en/

Here you find HTML code to embed a night sky map, the current position of the ISS or other AstroViewer Widgets in your website.

The Low Gs

The Low Gslow-gs.band (in German)

Ukulele  Bass  Vocals


The Low Gs, the ukulele jazz band I have the great pleasure to play with, was founded in 2018.

Ukulele Voicings

Ukulele Voicingsukulele-voicings.net/en/

Yet another website providing ukulele chord charts?

Here you find all voicings (that is where you place your fingers on the fretboard) for a given chord. And you find all chords made up by a specific voicing on your ukulele.