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HTML comments

The far side of the internet

Change your viewpoint towards internet pages and discover hidden messages on the world wide web!

With the Comment Viewer you make the hidden HTML comments of web pages visible in a simple and well-arranged way.

What are HTML comments?

HTML comments are hidden parts in the HTML source code of web pages. They are not displayed to the user, but rather help the web developers to build web pages.

That is why most of the HTML comments are not very interesting, because they just contain technical remarks or parts of the source code that are hidden intentionally.

But some pages on the web have HTML comments that have been hidden by the web developers as tiny steganographic gems. These are texts or graphics, addressed to fellow nerds who search for them.



Here is a list of web pages that contain interesting HTML comments.

Go to these webpages and type <ctrl>u to view the page's source text. The hidden images and messages are found in the comments there.

If you prefer more convenience, use the browser extension "Comment Viewer" to see only the comments in the source text.

If you discover more gems, feel free to send them to me so I can add them to the list.

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Comment Viewer

Comment Viewer

The Comment Viewer is a browser extension which is available for different web browsers.

Download the extension for your favorite browser and attach the icon to the symbol bar. A click on the icon opens a window in which the comments are listed clearly.

Google Chrome

Go here for the Comment Viewer in the Chrome Web Store.

Microsoft Edge

Go here for the Comment Viewer on the Microsoft Edge Add-Ons website.

Mozilla Firefox

Go here for the Comment Viewer on the Firefox Add-Ons website.